Kurt Hummel doesn’t know the first thing about sex, luckily there is sex ed subsitute Blaine Anderson. Shy!Kurt + confident!Blaine Angie's fault. Warnings: Masturbation, age difference (Kurt is 17 and Blaine 28). NC-17. ~2.400 words

Picking at the corner of his notebook, Kurt was sure he should have called in sick today. The classroom was loud and crude as ever, especially now they got scheduled a very special class which made the empty-headed jocks turn into uncivilized animals. More than usual even. But what else did he expect when the two words were brought into his life:

Sex ed.

It wasn’t like the class was going to be of any use for him – sexual education focusing on gay men in close-minded Ohio? He was sure he was going to suffer through a woman giving birth video, like he needed a reminder why he was gay.

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Can we trend “Kurt Is The Greatest Star” on Tuesday?


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glee rewatch → 1x18

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This is beautiful

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Based off of this text post

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2012 - 2014

2012 - 2014

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